Located in the Florya district of Istanbul on a 100,000 square meter (25 acre) property, the Istanbul Aquarium ranks, along with the Georgia and Baltimore aquariums, as one of the world's three most ambitious aquarium projects. The project's two-story aquarium building has a total area of 23,000 sqm. (247,500 sq.ft.).

With 30,000 square meters (7.5 acres) of parking, 64 tanks totaling 6,800 cubic meters (240,000 cu.ft.), 6,000 square meters (64,585 sq.ft.) of visitor space and a 1.2 kilometer (0.75 mile) long special themed exhibition walkway, the aquarium is located on a 1,200 square meter (12,920 sq.ft.) site. 

The Istanbul aquarium boasts a rain forest exhibit equipped with rain-making, mist and climate control systems and gives visitors the opportunity to discover the exotic lives of over 1,500 species and 15,000 total sea and land creatures. Istanbul Aquarium Florya has hosted visitors from Turkey and around the world since 2010.