Innovia is an aesthetically designed large-scale integrated project in Ispartakule where even the smallest details have been carefully planned to ensure comfort and quality of life. The Innovia Projects' extensive social facilities promoting a superior living concept is being introduced to Ispartakule. The project features 135 retail units organized on the basis of a street and square concept along with a total of 340 apartments in two 29-story residential towers.

Offering an exceptionally advantageous location, Innovia Ispartakule enjoys views of Küçükçekmece Lake and is designed to become a central destination within the district thanks to its close proximity to the Ispartakule tollbooths on Trans-European Motorway (TEM). In addition to retail units, the Innovia Ispartakule Project also boasts a three-story parking garage, the "HealthClub/IN" Spa & Fitness Center, a basketball court, Kids Club, the “Wonderland/IN” entertainment complex and restaurants and cafes featuring outdoor seating.


Satış Ofisi : +90 (212) 322 65 65